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The concepts described in Advocacy in Aging apply to everyone planning for their own or a parent’s aging, regardless of financial means or context.   There’s no escaping the reality that we’re all living longer, many of us will see our capabilities diminish.   How do you plan for what’s coming, and ensure your advocates understand and respect your wishes?

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Advocacy in Aging is about healthcare and estate planning for the living years.   We are all living longer, with a significant likelihood of some reduction in our ability to operate independently.  Assistance will be required at some point, whether we like it or not.

To facilitate the planning for the senior years, author Marc Séguin defines five planning pillars.  This simple and actionable framework brings together fundamental concepts of financial planning, powers of attorney, downsizing, health care directives (also called a living will, advanced care directive, advanced care plan), gradual transitions, and more into a very practical approach.  The ultimate mission is for people to live their aging years with peace of mind, knowing they have:

  • Up-to-date Financial Plans that are easy to understand and transition
  • An up-to-date and activated Legal Foundation
  • Directives for medical assistance In dying (MAID)
  • Directives for retention of driver’s license
  • An Organized, Simplified, Downsized Estate that is well documented in an Estate Organizer
  • A plan to Seamlessly Transition Personal Care and Estate Management
  • A trusted Team of Advocates with the best possible understanding of your wishes
  • Regular/yearly Family Meetings that include other advocates and advisers

Most people are hesitant to talk about money, death, critical illness or loss of independence, especially with family.  By nurturing a team of trusted advocates, people will develop the open communications and relationships that will provide the help to manage, and ultimately transition, all aspects of financial, physical and mental affairs, right through until death.

Finally, using true stories and the 5 planning pillars, Advocacy in Aging also addresses common concerns and questions in estate planning and healthcare planning:

  • Did Randy have a proper financial plan, and professional advice?
  • Does Thomas protect sufficient funds to cover exceptional healthcare expenses, or a long life?
  • How did Grace select the right delegates for her will and power of attorneys (POAs)?
  • How did Grace prepare and equip her POA delegates for success?
  • How should Olivia engage her adult children for support in her retirement years?
  • Why wasn’t the health care directive followed, when David’s father was rushed to hospital?
  • Who will witness the power of attorney, under Ann’s unplanned and difficult circumstances?
  • How can Roger protect himself from undesirable changes to his will and POAs?
  • How should Marc gradually deplete valuable and cherished goods from his estate?
  • What should Sam have done with his business? Sell the business? Transition the business?
  • Why did Leo’s Mom consider selling the lake property and cottage?
  • How did Thomas transition financial management so smoothly?
  • Should Luis and Maria gift part of their legacy estate while alive? To children? To charity?
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